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17. VENEZUELA. Unexpista Effy, Feffa, whatever. Neversleep. Forensic Sciences/Criminology. & Civil engineering.. Love everything that involves the 60's, Woodstock, psychedelia, Janis, Jimi, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, ROCK, Serial killers, BTK, Counter Strike. C-4.The Doors, blood, bruises, and milk . . My musical tastes and academic studies are quite contradictory. Crap shit not. Not today. If you guys doesn't like the blog or me, can just go away, or write it down on a paper, wind it and, stick up in your ass. I'm a lovely person. Enjoy.  / 17. VENEZUELA Effy, Feffa, lo que sea. Ciencias Forenses / Criminología. E Ingeniería Civil .. Amo todo lo que involucra a los 60, Woodstock, la psicodelia, Janis, Jimi, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, sangre, moretones, y la leche. . Mis gustos musicales y estudios académicos son bastante contradictorios. Mierda no. Hoy no. Si no gustan del blog o yo, puedes desaparecer, o escribirlo en un papel, enrolarlo e introducirtelo en el culo. Soy una persona encantadora. Disfrute.